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Orders & Returns

What If Two People Request to Rent at the Same Time?
The first request is given priority; however, the owner has total discretion on which reservation to accept.
Does MaltaMarkt offer Insurance?
We do not offer any kind of policies thus we suggest that you contact your preferred insurance broker for further assistance.
What if I reserve an item and upon meeting i can see that it is not the same as described on site? (Rental)
If the item provided is not as described the customer is kindly requested to take several photos, provide feedback to the owner and contact us for assistance if needed. if the customer agrees to accept the item anyway, the owner forfeits the right to hold the customer liable for any damages caused to the item rented, unless the damage in question is separate to that previously identified and reported by the customer.
Can I sub-let an item that i rented through the website?
If a Client wants to sub-let an item which s/he rented through the website, on the same website, s/he has to provide written consent from the Vendor.
What if the item is returned to the owner in a damaged condition?
In the event that the customer returns the item in a bad and/or poorly maintained condition (which cannot be described as the result of normal rental use), requiring special maintenance, he/she will be liable to pay the cost of any required maintenance carried out by a professional specialist. Please View T&C for more details.
Does MaltaMarkt collect any security deposits?
Any security deposits or guarantees required by the owner in whatever form remains the sole responsibility of the renter and owner. MaltaMarkt is not responsible for the retention or refunding of any security deposit or for collecting money owed by the renter to the owner or by the owner to the renter.
What if the customer renting the item does not return it to the owner?
In the event that the item is returned late, the customer renting the item shall pay the owner an additional sum equivalent to 20% of the total rental fee, plus the daily cost of renting the item, for each additional day until the item is returned. furthermore, in the event of the customer not returning the rented item, he/she will be liable to pay the owner the full value of the item as pre-defined in the description of the item shown on the website. IN ANY CASE THAT THE ABOVE IS APPLICABLE, WE WILL PROVIDE FURTHER DETAILS OF THE CLIENT HOWEVER THIS IS TO BE ENFORCED BY THE VENDOR ONLY.


If a Vendor offers delivery of the rented good, are clients charged for such delivery?
Vendors can charge for deliveries; however, it must be clearly stated in the description of the item shown on the website.
Who Delivers my Goods ? (Seller)
Upon creating a new listing you have the option to list multiple delivery methods of your choice. Whether you have your own delivery employees or using a third-party such as Bolt or Maltapost you are in control. Get quotes prior to listing your products and notify them after a sale has been made.


What Fees Do I Owe MaltaMarkt?
Our Platform is 100% free to Sell and Rent products. Fees are only present if you are a subscribed advertiser
How Do I Get Paid?
You are in control. Payments can either be made by COD(Cash on delivery) or with payment links such as Revolut. We did this to eliminate additional charges.
Do I need to Pay Taxes?
MaltaMarkt Does not collect any Taxes on your behalf, therefore, you should keep it in mind when setting up the price