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What are my Account Details ?
These can be found under ''Profile'' > '' Account Information''
How do I Join ?
Register as a new user and complete verification process.
Where can I find Site's rules?
For detailed information please go to Terms and Conditions tab.

Trending Questions

How can I get more detailed information about a product?
By clicking ''Ask a Question'' one can get further information. N.B. Contact Details are not transferred until payment
Does the Owner need to Confirm Booking ?
Once the product is available for booking the reservation is confirmed
Do I need to pay to list an item for rent?
No fee is charged when publishing goods listings online. A fee in the form of a percentage of the total price is only due when a rental agreement is put into effect between a renter and an owner. This is payable by the renter upon confirmation of the reservation.
How do I reserve an item for Rent?
By the use of the calendar one can select any date and time, upon payment the Goods will be reserved.
What if two users Book and pay at the same time ?
If two users opt to book the same item at the same time the first request is given priority, however, the owner has total discretion on which reservation to accept.
What fees do I owe MaltaMarkt?
As the owner of the good, a maximum of 10% is due upon payment. Fees depend on Membership packages. This is payable directly by the customer to MaltaMarkt through the website.
Can I pay after I recieve the goods?
If a COD (Cash on Delivery) is turned on by the seller the buyer can make use of this option
If a vendor offers delivery of goods, are clients charged for such delivery?
Vendors can charge for deliveries; however, it must be clearly stated in the description and under shipping & policies tab.
Can I sub-let an item that I rented through the Platform?
If one wants to Rent an item which was rented(sub-let) a written consent from the owner must be provided.
Is it possible for the Vendor and Client to cancel the Booking after payment?
A Cancellation Request can be sent to consider the transaction null. This depends on the Vendor's Cancellation policies.

Report a Problem

I can't sign in to my account
Where is my confirmation email?
If a confirmation is not sent try sending verification. If the account is still not verified please contact the MaltaMarkt team.
How do I report a problem with my order?
First Step is to open a communication with the Vendor. If the issue is not resolved please contact the MaltaMarkt team.
What if I reserve an item and upon delivery I can see that it is not the same as described on site?
If the item provided is not as described the customer is obliged to take several photos, provide feedback to the owner and contact us for assistance if needed. If the customer agrees to accept the item anyway, the owner forfeits the right to hold the customer liable for any damages caused to the item, unless the damage in question is separate to that previously identified and reported by the customer.
What if the item is returned to the owner in a damaged condition?
In the event that the customer returns the item in a bad and/or poorly maintained condition (which cannot be described as the result of normal rental use), requiring special maintenance, he/she will be liable to pay the cost of any required maintenance carried out by a professional specialist. This specialist will be chosen by the owner within a period of 5 working days.
What if the customer renting the item does not return it to the owner?
In the event that the item is returned late, the customer renting the item will be liable for a reduction from the security deposit

Collect Credit Card Payments

What are the transaction Fees?
Payment processing Fees are due to Stripe at 2.9% and a Flat Rate of 50c for each transaction.